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Php slow query records there information, what's the error?

[01-Jul-2017 20:44:57]  [pool www] pid 73662 
script_filename = /data/wwwroot/devask/public/index.php 
[0x00007ffcd4b61210] session_start() unknown:0 
[0x00007f29a1d553c0] start() /data/wwwroot/devask/app/Fesiong.php:217 
[0x00007ffcd4b61950] Fesiong\{closure}() unknown:0
[0x00007ffcd4b61d50] resolve() unknown:0
[0x00007ffcd4b62330] get() unknown:0
[0x00007ffcd4b628b0] getShared() unknown:0
[0x00007ffcd4b62e90] __get() unknown:0
[0x00007f29a1d55070] initialize() /data/wwwroot/devask/app/Controllers/ControllerBase.php:64
[0x00007f29a1d53b00] initialize() /data/wwwroot/devask/app/Controllers/EventController.php:20
[0x00007ffcd4b63540] initialize() unknown:0
[0x00007ffcd4b63d80] _dispatch() unknown:0
[0x00007ffcd4b64310] dispatch() unknown:0
[0x00007f29a1d538b0] handle() /data/wwwroot/devask/app/Fesiong.php:119
[0x00007f29a1d535c0] getOutput() /data/wwwroot/devask/app/Fesiong.php:113
[0x00007f29a1d53498] run() /data/wwwroot/devask/public/index.php:15

There's not a single query in there. The only potential bottleneck I can see in there is session_start(), which would only be a bottleneck if you have another request processing while it waits for the session to be freed. In such cases you should do session_write_close() as early as possible after session_start() in anything that might hog up the session. Otherwise, if you think it's a database query, please show us some code related to the query.