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Phalcon Compose & Docker Toolbox: Can't open my web-site in browser


My OS is Window 7 and I have Docker Toolbox installed.

I've followed this manual:

I have no errors when I'm executing "docker-compose up -d" in the Docker Toolbox's console, but I can't open my web-site in the browser because it fails to establish a connection.

variables.env hosts

What's wrong with it?

Thanks for help in advance!


The problem with server is actually not a server's problem. I opened Kitematic and saw a console with an error message saying that there is no such directory (DOCUMENT ROOT) to show its contents.

Then I was playing with configs and finally realized what they are for. I found that docker-compose.yml tells which directories to put inside a certain container, so the "app" service asks for following directories:

  - ./application:/project
  - ./cache:/project/cache
  - ./logs:/project/logs
  - ./conf/php/cli.ini:/etc/php/7.0/cli/conf.d/100-custom.ini
  - ./conf/php/fpm.ini:/etc/php/7.0/fpm/conf.d/100-custom.ini

It is intended to put "application" inside container's "/project" and so on. The only problem is that these folders are empty. It only creates project/cache and project/logs but there is no "public" directory which should've been compied to "/project" from "application".


I found that if I replace all the dots referring to the current dir from the paths in the config file called docker-compose.yml with the absolute parths, then it starts to work.


Does anybody know who I need to talk to to fix that problem with the dots so I don't have to replace them with absolute paths manually?

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It is strange but it started working after I had renamed my project's directory.