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Remote Presentations for my Meetup

I have recently launched a Phalcon and Zephir meetup in Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh and in the past I have had difficulty finding presenters locally especially for a new meetup because we are in a rural area. To fix this weakness I plan on running a hybrid in-person/remote meetup and stream everything over youtube. I am trying to eliminate location as a restriction and since I am streaming everything that means I can have remote presenters as well.

Would anyone like to be a remote presenter. A presentation does not require a slide deck but it is helpful and topics can be anything around Phalcon and Zephir. Presentations are usually 30 minutes and have a short question and answer session directly following.

If you would like to give presentations and want to practice this would be a good opportunity since our members are very friendly. If you are unsure about presenting I can give you advice and help you organize your slides.

You can checkout more about us here: https://www.meetup.com/Western-Pa-Phalcon-PHP/


that's awesome, I'll talk to some of the guys

I will message you on Discord Paul.

I have an opening for a remote speaker on Sept 21 https://www.meetup.com/Western-Pa-Phalcon-PHP/events/vgqjlnywmbcc/

If you are intersted send me your topic ideas.