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Setting JsonContent outputs bools as 0/1

I'm working on a simple RESTful API and have a basic model. The model has a field which is being cast to bool through a getter.

On output of controller if I do return json_encode(["asdf"=>$alert->is_seen]); I see asdf:false, however if I do: $this->response->setJsonContent($alert); I get is_seen: 0. Why is there this inconsistency?

I've had to add an afterFetch method to cast the values returned from the db, which seems double the work - is this really the correct way?

Try something like this:

public function MyApiAction()

    return $this->response->setJsonContent([
        "results" => $alert->is_seen

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You're not using Micro but full MVC app? what happens if you return from your controller:

return $this->response->setJsonContent(['yourDataArray' => 0xff], JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK);

@Jonathan interesting - the bools are being output as 0/1.

I've since set a metadata strategy of annotation, and set the type for the boolean columns to 'boolean' in the annotations. shouldn't phalcon automatically cast them to bool?


I think I solved it like this:

    'castOnHydrate'      => true,
    'notNullValidations' => false,