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Full time Phalcon Developers

We are looking to hire a couple of talented Laravel/CI developers who are interested in working exclusively for our company on some very interesting projects.

We have a great oppourtunity available for anyone who is looking to build there Skills with a fast growing business with exciting projects. We are looking for individuals who would be interested to relocate to Ireland after a specified period of time.

We are offering a full time job, paid on a bi-montly/weekly basis.

The following are requirements:

    • Knowledge of RESTful, JSON API
    • Design Patterns
    • An understanding of Agile development methodology
    • MySQL DataBases, JavaScript, Ajax
    • Strong Knowledge of Javascript / CSS / Jquery
    • Bower/Composer
    • Good English

Fixed salary of 375USD/Per Week

======================= European candidates only! OTHERWISE AN INSTANT DECLINE!

This is approx £14848.60 per annum. Not even a poor salary for a full-time job.

lol 375USD per week... I'd rather flip burgers at a better salary than that