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How to crawl web site

Hello there,

Is it possible to crawl web site by phalcon library?

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you dont need MVC framework for that. Casper js / phantom js ( old school ) or https://github.com/facebook/php-webdriver + selenium

it does require small amount of different type of skills until you set it up , configure etc.. but once used to it , it quite simple.

have fun and dont get cough :-)


I decided to use fabpot/goutte. But, thank for your comment.


keep in mind js doesnt work in those crawers, things like ajax laoded data wont be crawable

don;t forget wget. it has a mirror option

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HTTrack records a whole Website to disk so you can crawl it offline. Good for before/after snapshots. You could then use something like Meld to see the differences.

The follow on question is: why do you want to crawl the Web site? That will determine the level of detail you will need.