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Class 'redis' not found

Use phalcon 3.1.1, php7.0.11, Redis 3.2.100

I have redis registered like so

use Phalcon\Cache\Backend\Redis;
use Phalcon\Cache\Frontend\Igbinary as FrontData;

$di->setShared('cache', function (){
    $frontCache = new FrontData(['lifetime' => 120]);
    $cache = new Redis($frontCache,[
        "host"       => '',
        "port"       => 6379,
        "auth"       => '',
        "persistent" => false,
        "index"      => 0,
    return $cache;

Using it like so:

        $copList = $this->cache->get('player_cop_list');

        if($copList === null)
            $copList = Players::find("coplevel > '0'");
            $this->cache->save('player_cop_list', $copList, 900);

but I get the error PHP Fatal error: Class 'redis' not found when running the code.


Solved it by installing the php_redis extension