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It's Possible to get all filtered values from form after valid

I'ts possible to after i do


i get something like, but with the filtered values

$form->getValues(), $form->getValuesFiltred()...

Doesn't have


I had try to get using

$form->get($name)->getValue(), return post data.

$form->getValue($name), return NULL always, since the form doens't have a initial data.

$form->getElements()[$name]->getValue(), return post data.



Hi @RenatoGabriel no way, you must extend \Phalcon\Form and create your own isValid() or create a new one like isValidRequestData() becouse the method isValid() check the integrity with the model.

Basicly you have to iterate all the elements, checking if they have filters and validators, apply the raw data and get the filtred data, like Zend does

Good luck

Thanks, i do something like that, i was wondering if was sama method inside the core.