Controller $this->request->get("param") failed

Hi All,

My machine died and re-installed everything. To my suprise, Phalcon no longer worked.

One example: http://myhost/?param=value

IndexController.php failed to get the value for param:

Please shed some light.


Hi @jwang628 $this->request->get(); only gets elements from $_REQUEST. Can you check the content of this?


During the reinstall, did you end up with a different config through .htaccess, apache/nginx config? That could change the nature of the requests. Firewalls and other things can change requests but they are unlikely to change.


Thank you all for your help.

http://myhost/index/index?param=value worked.

Must be an apache wetting issue. Phalcon worked again (I like its speed :)

Have a nice day.