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Git Repository for Falcon with php 7.0 (webfaction)

Hi, I need install phalcon in webfaction. Webfactions has php 7.0

I tryed using the git repository for falcon using the following instructions


But on making I have a lot of errors

make: [phalcon.lo] Error 1 []$ /element.zep.h:38:1: error: unknown type name ‘zend_object_value’

I think it's not working because the phalcon's git repo is using php 7.1 and is not compatible with phpsize70.

Where can I find the phalcon version with php 7.0???


edited Aug '17

master branch work with 5.5 + ( 7.2 isnt tested yet )

git clone
cd ext
make install

should work i guess. i havent try it, i am using zephir to generate the extension. if you have a single php installed on your mahcine simply cd ext; ./install