My first Phalcon application

So I just finished my first application build on Phalcon:

Few things I will implement next are:

ACL, Translations, Export PDF/CSV, and Dashboard Analytics (thought this might be easier when i got some real data instead of fake).

Any thoughts, tips appreciated!

so what do you need ?

Browsed few files, looking very good :)


I just wanted to show it and ask if I'm heading in the right direction.

so what do you need ?

Ok sry I was thinking you were need some help on your next steps.
Your app seems to be nicely done , good job!
If you want some application example of ACL and translation you can check my lib :


Great application which can be used as a base. If you implement ACL, Export PDF/CSV etc then it will be even better. Finally found a good sample application integrating AdminLTE with Phalcon and using datatables. Thanks for sharing. Really appreciate that very much.

Why you have composer.json in app folder? It should be in root folder, vendor should be separeted from app.