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Universal Rendering of Angular with Phalcon

Complex application often require some kind of frontend framework for example Angular. Rendering the view only on the client side can give you some challenges on SEO, social previews and depending on the case performance.

That's why I'm looking into server side rendering. I love doing projects with php and especially phalcon. Watching this part of the ng-conf keynote made me realize that there could also be an opputunity for Phalcon to be the first php framework that works nicely with Angular like asp.net does.

Wondering if more people feel like this.

Well, nice idea, but the whole hype with JS libs is about having them on FE only.

But why not - let's consider what are options to render Angular as Volt, as shown in NG-conf example with Twig.


Not sure if JS libs are all about FE anymore, from my point of view I see some shifting. With the current phalcon version you can already try this approach https://dzone.com/articles/faking-server-side-rendering-with-vuejs-and-larave

My idea is too fully integrate Angular Universal like asp.net did. Running JS in php using V8 It would be a nice challenge to find a good mix what too handle in angular and what in Phalcon but I see some oppurtunities.

edited Aug '18