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Batch Insert

Since I couldn't find a way to Batch Insert in PhalconPHP I started creating a mockup here is my Gist. It's quite messy still and doesn't escape characters for the values, so it's not trustworthy yet. If anyone wants to improve it feel free!

Also, I placed this in my BaseController.php file so it's available to every controller for my pleasure. And suggestions would be appreciated.

edited Mar '14

Thanks for contributing, also, I suggest you use bound parameters to avoid SQL injection attacks, sprintf is not the best function to escape values.

Agreed, I got too excited and posted it :) I will update it once my husband duties are done :)

This is awesome - thanks for posting. It was a lifesaver last week. I forked it and added support for other data types (int and null) in the stringify() method. Here's my fork:


Nice work Andy thanks!

Very nice. Thanks!