Proposition for forum

For now i have got some idea:

  1. when i click on right side topic, it would be good to have posibitlity to start new post from this topic, than select it from select box again.
  2. Post which was answered should be elevated to top of post on home of forum.
  3. It would be nice if we could book posts which we are interested in, it would be nice if we could search in booked threads too.
  4. Maybe posibibility for admin to stick any threads on top of list of posts?
  5. Add posibibility to author of post to close it, because sometimes it is like ticket to which isn't helpful for anybody
  6. Let author tag post by version of Phalcon, because there will be subquestion "which version of phalcon you use?"
  7. Move right column with topic, to left column. (maybe it would be better?)

This forum is awesome, simple and very quick. My proposition is for discussion only, i dont want to break its simplicity, but if something could be more useful, then lets discuss about it. Maybe make subject Forum/Phosphorum ?

Ad.1 Better would be remove "Start new discussion" from right column, and after select main topic, in this topic could be posibility to add post to this selected topic, and as i ask above, select version of phalcon or more option which help you/us resolve problem

Great suggestions. Thanks!

We will definitely implement some if not all of them. What I also want to do is in the discussion list, offer who was the last responder and when they responded to the topic. :)