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Need help on integrate phalcon into Laravel

I am using laravel for my application. But few members suggested to use Phalcon for performance wise it's best. I am already done my appication half of it. But for few modules I woulk like to implement using Phalcon which has huge data.

If there is any way to integrate the Phalcon framework into Laravel framework could you please suggest me how to do?

Thanks in Advance.

edited Oct '17

Mixing two frameworks is a terrible idea.


You should ignore the your members and focusing complete your projects.

You cannot solve your problems with changing framework. Laravel can handle your needs and if you had performance problems you should check your coding. Phalcon does not save you bad programming.

Well, in general it's all down to conception. If you make things right, why not, you can have two frameworks work together. But for that you'd need to bring proper decisions from the start, which one to use for what purpose.

The real question is - why would you do it at first place, what are you trying to solve?