Recompiling Phalcon from updated ZEP files

Hi all,

Can anyone point me to a page that explains how Phalcon extension can be rebuilt following an update to phalcon/*.zep files?


First you need to install::

  • re2c
  • Zephir Parser
  • g++ >= 4.4 | clang++ >= 3.x | vc++ >= 11
  • GNU make >= 3.81
  • automake
  • PHP development headers and tools

To install zephir parser:

git clone
cd php-zephir-parser
sudo ./install

Add to php.ini for cli:


git clone
cd zephir
./install -c

Then goto phalcon project and just type zephir build


Thanks a lot,

I was wondering if there's a doc page that explains all this. Especially the php-zephir-parser part.

Yes, just repo page.


the parser part is quite strange for me, i cloned the parser repo, i compiled with my php and installed the extension

make && make install

then put the parser in my php.ini

then i was able to use zephir