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Status of 1.3.0 branch & reported bugs


Quick question... Branch 1.3.0 was supposed to be ready by March 1st, however I saw a post somewhere acknowledging several unresolved bugs.

I have myself reported a few.

What's happening with those tickets - is anyone working on them?


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We don't have a new release date, this depends on how long it takes to fix these bugs and our free time to spend on them.


No pressure :-) Thanks for an update.

Phalcon 1.3 is great

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Also sjinks has some problems... coz we have some issues in Ukraine and currently it's not the best time for developer =(

We neighbors from the eastern border are with you and keep our fingers crossed for a positive solution for your country. I saw that Sjinks are from most hot place of this conflict :(

Yes, I was born there, too. But currently I'm in another city.


Is sjinks safe and secure??

For now everything is normal... But this situation is very tense...

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It looks that it is going for wrong direction :(
Hope he is safe and will be safe

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For the time being, we are checking the bugs we have for 1.3.0 and see how many we can fix and when.

Our main concern to be honest are Vladimir, Michael, Ivan and everyone else that lives in Ukraine/Russia and are affected by the current crisis. Phalcon bugs can wait a bit.