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Detect controller instance

Hi, i use a micro application and i want detect current calling controller instance. i use before method

$app->before(function () use ($app) {

i know that i use


but getDefinition return path to class, not instance ;/ What can I do?



basically you can call dispatcher methods in any controller


i think this is what you need ? i am not 100% sure tho

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thanks for answer but i can not use $this in function pointer in before() ;/

if i use $app->dispatcher->getActiveController() i get NULL

Important attention. i use LazyLoader

There is no dispatcher in micro app.

$app->getActiveHandler(); This doesn't return just controller instance?

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getActiveHandler() return an array. First argument is LazyLoader(instance) and second parameter is the called method.

LazyLoader has getDefinition method but this method return class path(NOT INSTANCE!).

I can do it:

$lazyLoader->getDefinition() === App\Controller\TestController::class

but not

$lazyLoader->getDefinition() instanceof App\Controller\TestController // <- i want like this

I've just test it and that work fine without adding anything to catch ... What version of php / phalcon do you use ? Can you provide more code to check. resume examples for students

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Thank you so much for problem solution. Maybe some update for code here? $app->getActiveHandler(); - works with LazyLoader.