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About Phalcon

Day by day Phalcon getting more issues, it’s really sad for the amazing php extension. I have been completely against with my friends they don’t like phalcon they more likely laravel fans. But the community is small or may be something backing the users.

Can anyone tell me is it safe to continue work with phalcon

& Sorry for my English :)


maybe you could contribute to phalcon community with your friends.. it's the best thing to do in order to get the community growing up

What you mean by more issues? I don't have any on phalcon 3.0 at this moment, application on prodution no issue here.


i am maintaining about 7 sites atm.

As always, phalcon is harded to set up, and easist to use. Laravel is easiest to set up and hardest to use. Laravel is close to node modules directory when it comes to understand what's going on.

Phalcon doesnt depend on any composer packages, which i found awesome. I cant be bothered digging the docs for 1000 packages