SAML Authentication Request

I'm new to SAML and even newer to Phalcon but I'm working on a project where I have the opportunity to pick a framework for a production site that integrates with a major cable provider. They use SAML for their authentication layer and I need to choose a framework and library that play nicely together and is lightweight and scalable. We're talking hundreds of requests per second here. Anyhow I'm thinking that Phalcon may be a good way to go but the user contrib section is very thin.

Has anyone worked with Phalcon and SAML, SimpleSAML, or other similar SSO? If someone is willing to port SimpleSAML to Phalcon over the weekend then I will use it in this big project and should be able to drive a greater audience to this wonderful framework.

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Try this library

How to use

There is no need to port everything to phalcon, just use what works with the Phalcon framework.