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Phalcon to PHP code, opinions

Hello to all;

First of all , let me make clear that I do not speak english , I'm using Google translate . My name is Rafael Almeida , Brazilian and am working with PHP to 9 years , long looked for a Framework that suits me and I like the syntax , I found this in the Phalcon , mainly because I am obsessed with performance .

My problem with the Phalcon think that's the trouble many , my clients mostly use shared hosts where you can not install Phalcon

This gets in the way , and me working with two simultaneous Frameworks form is not good .

I thought of migrating the Phalcon C code for PHP , just that it was giving a lot of work (yes , I already started ) , so I knew the Phalcon 2 on GitHub and saw code written in Zephir , is laborious but easiest to do migration to PHP .

The advantage of having a Phalcon in PHP would be able to use it independete Host . Where it is not possible to install the extension , would use the PHP code.

Now I ask all of you , I 'm crazy or this might be a good idea ?

Anyway , I wish much success to all !

I think that you will waste your time. Consider hosting your clients on your own VPS $5/month - for eg or just ask hosting provider if they could install phalcon extension, or if there are any possibilities to load extension yourself.

Hosting/VPS proviers where you can install phalcon -

Starting with Phalcon on DigitalOcean

Thanks for responding.

Use the Amazon AWS enough time successfully. But the problem is with the creation of e-mail accounts. In some cases use Google App for email, but not all of my clients accept pay $ 50/year per account (average of 5 per customer).

For larger projects there are no problems, but it's hard to justify a customer's hosting costs.

In Brazil, a hosting costs on average $ 10 per month with up to 25 email accounts on shared hosting.

Not yet migrated all my clients for AWS accounts because of email.

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Google Apps for Domain was free until 6th December 2012, now it is paid service. But as i know Ms Outlook is free as Google Apps for Domain was.

Second option is

  • buy Large cPanel hosting

  • park domains on cPanel and create email accounts

  • buy VPS for hosting apps and install Phalcon

  • on cPanel configure DNS where you point A record for VPS, and MX record for cPanel host

  • on cPanel configure DNS TXT record for SPF1 that you can send emails from VPS box without going all of that emails to spam

The idea of using a CPanel only to park the domains is very good, never thought of that.

As I already use Outlook for client hosted on AWS, but they can then charge at any time.

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Ultimate option $9/month with 1 year subscription /unlimited parking, emails, domains with - 5$ /month

Summary $180 / year

You can do it again in two ways from cPanel hosting, as DNS configuration or proxy to VPS Box

Thank you for helping me!

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Having your own VPS is not only need for Phalcon performance, you probably need Redis, Memcache and lots of custom configuration which you can't get from cPanel or you can't controll.