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id is required

Hey guys, when a try to give a Lists->create() in a controller my method is return that the field id is required but a set he this way:

    id int unsigned not null auto_increment primary key,
    name varchar,
if($n_list->create() === false){
                    echo "Error: xxx";
                    $messages = $n_list->getMessages();

                    foreach ($messages as $message) {
                        echo $message, "\n";

It can be a problem of cache?

I'am using PHP 7.1 and Maria DB.

Perhaps you did not delete models meta data cache?

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I try debug with:

$lists = new Lists();
    $metadata = $lists->getModelsMetaData();
$attributes = $metadata->getAttributes($lists);
    $dataTypes = $metadata->getDataTypes($lists);


Array ( [0] => id [1] => name [2] => url [3] => description [4] => id_subject [5] => list_type [6] => source [7] => allow_votes [8] => id_media [9] => id_user [10] => id_category ) 

Array ( [id] => 0 [name] => 2 [url] => 2 [description] => 2 [id_subject] => 0 [list_type] => 0 [source] => 2 [allow_votes] => 0 [id_media] => 0 [id_user] => 0 [id_category] => 0 )

and I try use reset() in meta data cache but nothings happens

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Can you show us how you set your models meta cache in your services?

Should look something like this:

$di->setShared('modelsMetadata', function() use ($config) {
    return new \Phalcon\Mvc\Model\MetaData\Files([
        'lifetime' => 86400,
        'metaDataDir' => $config->site->path->cache . 'models-metadata/'

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I was not setting this, how was it working before? I was seeing this now and trying use Apc, and what this $config variable should be? is just for the path of the metaDataDir? Thanks.

--Edit again: I set the modelsMetadata as you sugest and continue returning the message that id is required. I use create in anothers models and works fine but in this specifically don't work but I can't find any difference in the code.

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I think that I found the error in my code, I was setting a foreign key of a relation 1:1 this way:

$tl_list->Media = $media; // I was trying object media and aparently this expect the id
$tl_list->id_media = $media->id; // and works 

GOod job solving it yourself! Sorry for not replying yesterday, fell asleep on the couch :)