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Advises to make a Image Gallery CRUD

Hello guys! I want to make a Image Gallery CRUD with Phalcon. But I need to set an order to the images, so I can choose which image will be befor another...

Let's say I have a table "users" in my Database, I want to associate a gallery for each user, trying to save me to store the images or its names in my database.

Accesing them in this way: https://domain.com/images/userIdHere/1.jpg, https://domain.com/images/userIdHere/2.jpg, https://domain.com/images/userIdHere/N.jpg

There is some pre-made project for this? What you would advise to do this in Phalcon?

Thanks for reading!

Hi @falkdav do you check awesome phalcon? the nova project seems to be the one you are looking for as a base

Good luck


Great! Thank you, I'll check it up later ;-)