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Firebird Data Base Support in Phalcon

hi for all, today exist support for firebird database in phalcon framework?


Hi Edgardo, we don't have support for Firebird, the only supported databases are MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Oracle.

Ok, Phalcon Thank's, I saw it one the site.


I really like Phalcon, because it's that easy to use, but i would like it much more, if Firebird-support were available.

Are there any plans to supporting Firebird in future?

Hello again, is that you can do to help get support in firebird Phalcon?

I'm not in a position to provide firebird-support for phalcon-framework, because i'm not a phalcon-developer. This is why i've asked if there are plans to support it in the future.

Our company is working a lot with firebird, not to say "only". We are developing a completely free Enterprise Resource Planning system which is based on firebird.

Hi Daniel, that answered me in a previous post, so now wonder if they can help Phalcon provides support firebird because I use java with JPA and I want to implement it with the best orm framework for php is Phalcon.