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Phalcon application shows directory listing


I have followed all the steps given in tutorial and deployed project on AWS Linux server. I have already compiled and installed Phalcon framework. I can see it is enbaled in phpinfo. My folder structure is exactly as given in the tutorial. Created .htaccess files in app root and in public folder. Now when I acees the applicaiton using (ipaddress/myapp) is shows directory structure like app, public . If I try ipaddrress/myapp/public then it shows correct output in the browser. Do I need to setup additional configuration in Apache (httpd.conf file)? url_werite model is enabled and loaded. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks & regards...


Just disable it in your .htaccess:

Options -Indexes


Hi Stephen,

Thanks a lot. I have done it in .htaccess file under myapp but it still shows directory.

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you can also put it in your httpd.conf under directory. can you paste your htaccess here?


Hi Stephen, ok, it is solved. I had to make changes in httpd.conf (AllowOverride All) to take the effect in .htaccess file.

Thanks a lot.

Regards... Uday

Np man glad i could be of assistance ;)