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Some Basic Phalcon interview questions asked in 2017

  1. What is Phalcon?
  2. Explain Dependency Injection in Phalcon?
  3. List basic features provided by Phalcon?
  4. Explain directory structure of Phalcon Framework?
  5. How to register namespaces/prefixes, directories or classes in Phalcon?
  6. Explain Routing in Phalcon?
  7. How can you add validations in Phalcon?
  8. Explain PHQL In Phalcon?
  9. List some database related functions in Phalcon?
  10. How to read, write and delete sessions in Phalcon? Read More

Great work! Can you update documentation links to last version? https://docs.phalcon.io/en/3.3/introduction

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Thanks I have updated the link now you can read more Phalcon interview questions

Thanks For update Phalcon interview questions. Here are Most Frequently Asked Phalcon Interview Questions And Answers in 2020