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Strange problem with output of array content


I have few controllers that I have put the following code for debug purposes:

public function indexAction(){ $this->view->disable(); $site = $this->persistent->site; var_dump($site); }

The var dump is as follows for 3 of the controllers:

`array(5) { ["id"]=> string(1) "1" ["name"]=> string(4) "TEST" ["url"]=> string(8) "dev.test" ["theme"]=> string(7) "example" ["vat"]=> string(2) "15"}

In 1 of the controllers the output is:

`array(4) { ["id"]=> string(1) "1" ["name"]=> string(4) "TEST" ["url"]=> string(8) "dev.test" ["theme"]=> string(7) "example"}

Basically one of the fields and value is not being displayed (vat) in 1 controller, please can anyone advise why this may be happening seems like a strange issue, if anyone has come across this.


looking at your other post, you are not selecting vat in the lookup

$result = Sites::findFirst([
                'columns'    => 'id, name, url, theme',
                'conditions' => 'url = ?1 AND active = ?2', 
                'bind'       => [
                    1 => $request->getServer('HTTP_HOST'),
                    2 => 1,

without seeing other code, not sure what else is going on