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Hello all I want to show an application written in phalconphp https://adverts.eu1.frbit.net A simple message board Registration turned off User login - demo, password - demo On search page messages presence : регион - Северо - Западный город - Санкт-Петербург, раздел - Автомобили и техника - Легковые авто - Подержанные авто

This looks really nice!!!

Do you mind if we submit it in the list of projects page on Github?

I do not mind, but this is only early alpha and i don't now where this app will be in a week or month. I wanted to see how fast is phalcon and how much memory it eats. phalcon is very fast and average memory consumption - 196kb.

I don't think it matters at this point to be quite honest if this application will become something bigger or not. Don't get me wrong I would love to see a success story from that.

However my point of view is that with this we can showcase how easy it is to create apps in Phalcon and what benefits we get out of it. As you pointed out speed and low memory consumption are key factors. :)

Sorry for my bad English. Wanted to say: If it will benefit the project - welcome

Not a problem.

I have added it here:


Feel free to edit the page if you want to add something else.

Sorry, for offtopic.

@niden Please add my, too =)) - https://phalconeye.dynns.com/

Btw, @chaban - good job! (Круто!)

Hi guys At the same address placed a simple city site Admin panel - [email protected] | pass - any What's included: Slug behavior Comments behavior Nested sets behavior (not complete) Component for working with images - Iwi Also included a WYSIWYG editor erlte Source on github: https://github.com/chaban/city_site It may be useful for someone


@chaban thanks for the example :)

You're welcome friends In repository common/library/Behaviors there is NestedSetBehavior.php it is it is an attempt to port yii extension - https://yiiext.github.com/extensions/nested-set-behavior/index.html quite working for me, but without the support of multiroot this extension is necessary for the development of catalogs, stores, etc. I think it would be great to implement this solution in the framework's core


Nice, not working as almost everything written in Phalcon.