We have moved our forum to GitHub Discussions. For questions about Phalcon v3/v4/v5 you can visit here and for Phalcon v6 here.

Phalcon Korea has been opened.

official web - https://www.phalconphp.kr

forum - https://forum.phalconphp.kr

Phalcon Korea community just begun. actually now, not much Phalcon PHP Developer in Korea. usually most Korean PHP Developer are using Codeigniter. but I hope to join many user as soon as possible. We also welcome English user's posting Congratulations Greeting. just click "글쓰기" button later select forum category "자유게시판" this meaning is "freeboard" and you can write any posting.

I'm sitting in Seoul right now and code on a project based on Phalcon ;)

edited Mar '14

Philipp, where are you? if you in Seoul, If you do not mind, I'd like to meet you. Please, email to mrmsk at gmx.com.