php 5.5.9

has anyone installed phalcon with php 5.5.9 32-bit

I had it yesterday installed on AMPPS, php 5.5.9, Phalcon 1.2.6 32-bit on Mac (quick test only, but it worked as it should :) ) For which system are u asking?


I am using windows 7 and placed the proper .dll in the ext folder but when I go to the commandline and check php -v it gives me an error could not load dynamic link library: php_phalcon


I think I installed a nts version with thread safe version of php


its been fixed please closed this discussion

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@hgabe We uploaded new DLLs last night for Windows, version 1.3.0.

You need to create a small script like this



and run it on your web server. There you will see information like:

PHP API 20121113
PHP Extension   20121212
Zend Extension  220121212
Zend Extension Build    API220121212,NTS
PHP Extension Build API20121212,NTS

Post it here and we can point you to the correct DLL. A mismatch in the VC or the architecture can easily cause the extension not to load.

The latest DLLs have been compiled with PHP 5.5.10


got it working yea it was the nts its fixed now with 1.3.0 thank you