Hey guys. So I successfully installed the Developer Tools on my Windows machine. I can run the phalcon command from the normal windows command prompt but cannot run the command from my Windows Git Bash. Usually it works by just adding the environment variable as normal. I have tried restarting the computer etc but nothing seems to be working. Any ideas on what might be the problem?

$ phalcon

Phalcon Developer Tools Installer

Make sure is in the same dir as phalcon.php and that you are running this with sudo or as root.

Installing Devtools... Working dir is: /c/phalcon-tools Failed to create symbolic link /c/phalcon-tools/phalcon: File exists Exit.

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I believe that when you run git-bash you're running in a complete linux environment so you need to set the path there as well. I don't know exactly how the linux environment is set up in git-bash but there is probably a file called .bashrc (note the dot in front) or something similar. In this file you could add the following


I am not sure where you installed your dev-tools but if you installed them inside your project folder you could add a relative path instead of an absolute one. For example if you install the dev-tools in a local "phalcon-dev" folder you would add it as a relative path like this:


Note that the added path does NOT start with a slash "/". This means that whereever you try to run a command, a folder just below your current dir called "phalcon-dev" will also be searched for, and if found commands inside that folder are available to you.

Oh, and linux file systems are case sensitive.