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Phalcon 1.3.0

when I checked the installtion of Phalcon 1.3.0 it read as version 1.2.6 not 1.3.0

Can you do a git pull and recompile?

I just recompiled mine and it says 1.3.0. You should be getting it from the master branch.


I got it from the Website and I don't know how to compile it in windows 7

When checking version (using \Phalcon\Version::get()) it returns 1.3.0 BETA 1. Is that expected?

mine, grabbed from the downloads page 4 hours ago, identifies itself as 1.2.6 in phpinfo(). No problem I thought. But now PhalconEye won't install complaining about the wrong version. :-(

Can it be confirmed when the dll's are replaced? Here? please!

Recompiling a new version right now. They should be up within the next 30 mins.

New DLLs are now available in the download area

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Identifies as 1.3.0 Thank you very much!

Last install step in PhalconEye crashes my apache:

Memory frames do not match: function: zim_Phalcon_Mvc_Model_save, frame creator: zim_Phalcon_Security_hash [Tue Mar 18 21:12:43.612304 2014] [mpm_winnt:crit] [pid 4664:tid 248] AH00427: Parent: child process 3644 exited with status 3 -- Aborting.

..should file a bug I guess...

At https://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/index.html I still see documentation for 1.2.6 - this is docs for new 1.3 and it's bug with number, or it's docs for 1.2.6?


when will be available phalcon 1.3 stubs? thanks


I believe 1.3.0 stubs are in 1.3.x branch of phalcon-devtools: