Social Login


I'm looking for some advice or tips on implementing social login into one of my projects. Particuarly support for both and Youtube. I need assistance with it functioning like so:

  • User authenticates & account gets created
  • User logs out but information remains in the database
  • User upon logging in again, will be able to utilize their old information from the time they last hit /logout.

Any help to get this functioning would be appreciated.

edited Jun '18

That has support for saving your refresh token and implementing into the session correct? What I mean is that if I login with with facebook, then I hit "logout" then I re-login I'd still be able to pull the other fields from my 'users' table such as a name, etc right?

This might help you getting started:

I was thinking of that, however, I noticed with hybridauth it requires a bit of back-end work for session saving, etc. I was looking for a solution similar to laravel's socialite addition, but natively an alternative for phalcon.

Other implement Hybridauth