How to independently deploy modules?

Hello everybody.

I would like to know if someone of you, has already started a project which is monolithic and wants through modules to separate. Right now we have a module that contains the business logic, controllers, views that will be shared by the other modules.

I would like to know (if you can), how to build the module shared with each of the modules in an independent way and thus be able to make independent deployments. I had thought about git submodules or composer, but I need someone to guide me to know if it's crazy or it's really viable.

Thank you.

I have made it in my phalcon tool :
Ask if you need explications but check the doc before


Hi @corentine-begne,

Thanks for your reply.

I mean submodules inside Phalcon to deploy independently. For example, I have three modules, called module A, module B and module C. I want deploy module A and module B only. I don't know if is possible it.



I didn't want to mean the entire tool but take a look at the library engine

You can implement this kind of system in your project.