load view every x seconds with Java Script

Hi, I want to refresh a table with data from the database every 30 seconds. I tried to embed a view into a view while calling an action with JQuery.load(). But it does not work :( . My Code looks like this:

<div id="flashAlert">
        var Data = {
            id: "{{ id }}"
        setIntervall($('#flashAlert').load("someUrl", Data, function (responseTxt, statusTxt)), 5000);

The Route "someUrl" works and the view is rendered correct.

You doesn't do anything with retruned response....

Yes you are right. I tried this just to check if I am able to load a volt view into a volt view but this also does not work ....

$('#flashAlert').load("/someUrl/", data, function(responseTxt, StatusTxt) {
              document.getElementById("flashAlert").innerHTML = responseTxt;


I have found the solution:

function getOrders() {
              $('#flashAlert').load("url", data);