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BoilerPlate analog for Phalcon


I am looking for some way to implement complicated folder structure for my project in Phalcon.

In Yii, this usually done by an extension called BolierPlate https://github.com/clevertech/YiiBoilerplate

See example of how folders can be arranged in this random project in Yii https://github.com/vova07/yii2-start so there are separate spaces for Frontend, Backend, and also we can place some shared modules and models in folder Common.

How to do the same in Phalcon? They always write in docs for Phalcon that this is not really an issue to create a ramdom folder structuer.. but no information is given about HOW.

I think it's possible you're over-thinking because other frameworks make the process more complicated. All it takes is you actually making the folders, then telling the Autoloader where to look. Tutorial 1 in the docs shows you how to register directories for the Autoloader to look in.


Not agree. I am talking about a design template. anaglog found, see here https://github.com/mruz/base-app