Adding Phalcon to, anyone got time?!?!

Hey people, wondering if anyone has time to do this? I received an email from them about adding Phalcon, and would like to see it compared to other frameworks (since Symfony is using that site and making claims they are the fastest framework)

Please note, as far as I know setStatusCode slows down AB benchmarks... so leave it out. $response->setStatusCode(200, "OK");

Symfony and the fastest framework does not play well together, it's gramatically incorrect. :D

+1 for adding Phalcon there!

I know, however I was looking into routers and came across this article...

Symfony 4 is the fastest PHP framework according to independent benchmarks, but we are continuously working on making it faster. In Symfony 4.1, we improved the Routing component to make it much faster when matching incoming URLs.

I have requested the repositories to be built, they require two.

they have created the two repositories... trying to apply their instructions to it..