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Migration for mysql column types

Hello, is there a way to create migration for specific mysql column types like ENUM, MEDIUMBLOB, TYNIINT ??

Phalcon team, TIMESTAMP and ENUM is strictly needed... Is there any temporary workaround to deal with?


Same here too, the db migration is not usefull if the types TIMESTAMP and ENUM are not available.

Agreed, I would love to use the migrations feature, but it is pretty useless if half the data types are not supported. Please could support for the additional data types be added?


Same problem in Postgresql, I get:

Error: Unrecognized data type 14 at column id

when using a bigint / int8

Of course, ALL possible datatypes should be supported. This should be considered a huge bug.


Great! So this will work in 2.0.6 / 2.0.7 ?

edited Aug '15

I've tested the BIGINT fix and it seems to solve the problem with BIGSERIAL too.

Another thing thats missing is support for the CHECK constraint in PostgreSQL. I had the same problem trying to use ENUM in MySQL.