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Problem with phalcon 1.3.1 and zend opcode cache module

Sometimes I have 503 error without any error messages in logs, after compile new phalcon version 1.3.1, but I haven't errors on old 1.2.6 version. I tried to find what's wrong and found that if I switch off opcache module, everything work normal. But I have one more comment for this, I found that all major operations do correct until render and send response

 public function optionsAction()
        $params = $this->request->getQuery();
        $result = $this->_getMenuOptions($params);
        echo json_encode($result);


If I add 'die' after 'echo' no error!

Short system info: Ubuntu 12.04, php 5.5.9, nginx + php-fpm


Could you try to find the exact scenario where the problem raises? Maybe a small application or script that always shows the problem up?

Out of curiosity, if you move the setRenderLevel declaration to the top of the function do you see it happening?