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Zephir and Facebook Hack

Facebook releases Hack, a new programming language for HHVM (https://code.facebook.com/posts/264544830379293/hack-a-new-programming-language-for-hhvm/).

It should be interresting to compare Zephir and Hack. What thinks Zephir Team about the Facebook Hack language ?

edited Mar '14

This is actually great news as far as I am concerned. https://hacklang.org

It shows that the Facebook developers have identified something that has been missing from PHP and that is the ability to write extensions or code that can be as fast as possible i.e. in C.

This seems extremely familiar though.....

8 months ago = https://github.com/phalcon/zephir/commit/62200618f8fac84bc56c3b08c4075a6eecfc7d05

Joking apart, I am happy to see such developments. To me it means that we are pushing technology forward, bringing more solutions to developers so that they can build wonderful applications that perform fast.