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Array output difference in dev vs live environment

Hi, I have a ACL setup which is working fine and on its basis I create menu to be shown , code is below :

   $this->menuPrivate[$menu]['show'] = $this->acl->isAllowed($identity['profile'], $items['controller'], $items['action']) ? true : false;

I have menu item set to FALSE if user has no permission else its TRUE ie. show. The problem is that in windows based PHP 7.1 dev environment, its working as expected but on LIVE php 7.1 , centOS, its not working . $this->menuPrivate[$menu]['show'] is always TRUE . Although, if accessed, permission are working as expected.

Any suggestions ?


Update: Array is coming fine but I think volt is causing some issue, but disabling volt cache has no effect on it either on live environment. Any hint ?


Can you post the volt code you are using?