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Showing images at client side?

hey guys, i have a phaclon api and a angular client application. Through the api the client can call .../clients/list and get as a resposne a list of clients (other than the angular client). its looks like client_name: ...., client_redirect:..., client_preview_pic:https://localhost:5001/....(here should be the url from the preview pic stored in ../public/asset/image/preview.jpg), This data are stored in a database. The preview pic is stored at ../public/asset/image/preview.jpg. So my problem is now: how can i get the preview_pic to work, so that it is shown at the client side. I hope you can unterstand what is my problem p.s.: sorry i donĀ“t know why the text is not formated

API returns a list of images, with or w/o path, all you have to do is to use it on client side, just like in plain HTML, <img src="yourImageName.png"> e.g. make Angular display it on FE.


thank you.