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Can't make Phalcon work (PHP 5.5.9)

Hi there,

I installed the Phalcon extension as the website shows to do so, but I can't find the module running when I go to:

localhost/xampp --> PHPINFO

I downloaded Phalcon 1.3.0 - Windows x64 for PHP 5.5.0 (VC11)

Maybe I need the exact PHP version (5.5.0) to make it work properly??

Thank you so much for your answers!


never mind, I just found the solution looks like I needed the x86 version... don't know why because my processor runs x64!!

Thank you anyway ;)

You have to install the Phalcon DLL, that matches the architecture of your PHP installation. On x64 processors you can run either x86 or x64, but PHP and Phalcon have to be the same.