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Postgresql, Devtools and array-columns

Hi Guys,

I have some notion about POO and PHP of course, but beginner with Phalcon and PostgreSql.

I've used de DevTool with scaffold on the project, and it's working fine the general CRUD, but not de Update and Insert with the array-columns types, numerics and texts. Again, just with the array-columns types.

The're no errors, Phalcon checks True with de $obj->save() , but no update or insert with the array-columns occurs.

On the forms, i've tried to use with both symbols "[] and {}" and none of them, in many formats, like "{1,2} and {'a','b'} and {a, b} and '1,2' ". Nothing works...

Some enlightenment?


Hi marlon I recommend in the beginning that you let Phalcon automate this part with the metadata, then you can do it manually/optimize/cache them

Good luck