Phalcon insert multiple rows

I'm running this code, that's is possible to insert multiple (pdo transaction)? because i'm sure this code can impact to perfomance

  $reader = new \PhpOffice\PhpSpreadsheet\Reader\Xls();


  $spreadsheet = $reader->load($upload_dir.$filename);

  $sheetData = $spreadsheet->getActiveSheet();

  $data = $sheetData->toArray();

  if (count($data> 1)){

  foreach($data as $row => $col){

    if($row >= 1){//skip row 1

        $import->name = $col[0];//get value cell A

        $import->number = $col[1];//get value cell B

        $import->filename = $filename;//get value cell B

    if (!$import->save()){

        $err = "";
        foreach ($import->getMessages() as $key => $value)
            $err .= $value . " ";

    } else {




This is for importing a spreadsheet? How big is the expected spreadsheet? I'd say if it's less than 5000 rows - which is just a number I pulled from my head - then don't worry about inserting multiple rows. In my experience, imports like this happen so rarely (relative to the usage of the app) that it's a waste of time over-optimizing the process.