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Does Phalcon support Role based access control ?

Hi ! I'm new in Phalcon . I just wonder does Phalcon support Role based access control ? I just found ACL in examples and document before

Thanks !


This documentation page outlines the ACL system which incorporates Roles, Resources and ACLs:


Also have a look at Vokuro a sample application that uses ACL

@Andrew Clarke & Nikolaos Dimopoulos Thank for your help !
I mentioned in my question before , I found ACL in official documents. I just wonder does Phalcon support RBAC ( Role-based Access Contron) belong to ACL ( access control list) ? In my app, belong to Roles ( user, manager, admin), I have another business roles ( Ex: manager, developer, designer ... on specific project) Vokuro is also great ! But we have only roles with system's resources.
Anyway, I will try to implement business rules with ACL.

Thanks !