There was a GitHub issue which was closed in July but which I added a comment onto, but as it's closed already it probably doesn't have too much visibility with the developers.


Basically, in version 3.2.11 of the phalcon-tools, self::$_connection worked just fine. In 3.2.12 - which really shouldnt introduce any breaking changes - that property was no longer available. Nothing else in my code changed so this was something breaking introduced in that patch version update.

Phalcon-tools is at 3.4.x or so now, right? What's the best update path for this breaking change? Obviously I don't want to remain fixed on 3.2.11 and the response from dev on that GitHub issue that that self::$_connection wasn't there (clearly, even though it was, so not a lot of help). Was this change documented at all, and how to write migrations was updated? Because the documentation at https://docs.phalcon.io/en/3.4/db-migrations still says to use self::$_connection in the 'writing migrations' example!!

Thanks for any help,