Phalcon docker documentation not up-to-date

Hello, I'm fresh new here, never worked with Phalcon before.

I was checking the Download session of the main Phalcon website and the first command using composer already fails for me when trying to create a project using docker.

Documentation tells me to run:

composer create-project sergeyklay/phalcon-compose --prefer-dist /home/website

Although that is an abandoned package as you can see here:

Then I checked the suggestion in the link above, using package phalcon/plancon-compose which didn't work for me and it's marked as deprecated.

I would like to contribute putting the most up-to-date way to achieve Phalcon with docker in the documentation, but as I am new I'm not sure if I'm in the right path. Can someone explain to me what is the official way to achieve phalcon in docker?


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The package you're looking for is instead of

Other than that, i have no idea :D