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How can I implement the querybuilder test?

What I use

  • linux(ubuntu)
  • phalcon 3.4.0
  • phalcon/incubator 3.4.3
  • phpunit 7.5.0
  • mockery/mockery 1.2.0

what I want to realize

I want to implement unittest for phalcon queryBuilder.

I know how to set the return value by myself like this. $userMock->shouldReceive('columns') ->andReturn(~~~~);

but I would like to know how to automatically return the results after passing the data.

Code to be tested

class UserController extends \Base\Controlelr {
        public function points Action ()

                $columns = [

                    $result = \User::query()
                        ->innerJoin('Points', 'Points.userId = User.id')
                        ->where('User.roleId = '10')
                        ->andWhere("User.join >= '{$startOfMonth}'")
                        ->andWhere("User.join < '{$startOfNextMonth}'")

Better use this

->where('User.roleId = {roleId:int}')
->andWhere("User.join >= {startOfMonth:str}") // I don't know if you use a string, timestamp, date, etc
->andWhere("BlogUser.join < {startOfNextMonth:str}")
    'roleId' => 10,
    'startOfMonth' => '2018-12-01 00:00:00',
    'startOfNextMonth' => '2019-01-01 00:00:00',

I hope that can help you. Good luck

edited Dec '18

You can write simple unit tests for builder like this:


Then write integration tests with mysql to test if you have proper results. Because keep in mind it only returns PHQL, not an actual SQL.