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Persistent variable return an error in 4.0.0-alpha1

After the last update to 4.0.0-alpha1, my persistent variables return the following error: Service 'sessionBag' wasn't found in the dependency injection container

This happens for example if I try this:

public function indexAction(){
    $this->persistent->direction= "DESC";

Is there a new method for persistent variables ? Should I use a SessionBag instead ?


Sessionbag is not part of the FactoryDefault anymore. Please check this blog post You can add the sessionBag manualy to the DI


Thanks. It removed the error when I added a sessionbag to the di

    function () {
        $session_bag = new SessionBag("sessionBag");
        return $session_bag;

However, it still seems that I cannot do a $this->persistent->direction="DESC" anymore in my controller class.